Hotel Albris Engadin cake
The original

Engadine cake

As little as the Engadine is just any area in the mountains, the Engadine pie is not just any cake.
The Kochendörfer Engadine pie is a speciality that attracts interest even today, far beyond the Engadine, after more than 80 years of production.
At this point, we cannot reveal the recipe of our sweet and light work of art, but we will be glad to serve you a piece of this delight, for instance as a crowning dessert or to accompany a cup of coffee.

Our new creation

Pontresina Ibex cake

First idolized, then eradicated, and finally reintroduced – the Pontresina ibex has gone through a turbulent history. Today they live above Pontresina, in Val Languard, in one of the biggest ibex colonies of about 1600 animals. In the spring, the ibex dares to descend to the village, where one can observe and marvel at it without much effort. The captivating history of the ibex induced us to produce this new creation.

The Pontresina Ibex cake is a combination of:

• a crispy hazelnut Florentine cover
• sweet chestnut sponge cake with hazelnut spirit
• fine hazelnut cream and a macaroon base

Pontresina Ibex cake

Daniel Duschletta

Former apprentice

"The training of our apprentices is especially important to us. On average, we train one confectionary expert every two years."

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