Hotel Albris stories

For guests and friends of the Hotel Albris

Editorial and texts: Franco Furger

Hotel Albris restaurant

The new restaurant Kochendörfer

“Larch wood has a beautiful reddish color” The new Kochendörfer restaurant stands out with its generous seating niches and a lot of wood. Guido Manzoni, project manager at the Rominger joinery, explains …

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Fresh bread straight from the wood oven

Recently we have been baking bread in a real wood oven . This is not in the bakery, but one floor higher – in the completely renovated restaurant . Usually becomes …

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200 cakes in two hours

There is a lot of confectionery in an Engadine cake. The right composition of shortcrust pastry bases and butter-Almond-anilla cream. is today Engadiner Torten-Tag. In the background there is a monotonous …

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Looking for the perfect bread

In search of the perfect bread The best bread contains sourdough instead of yeast, says Claudio Kochendörfer. In order to find the perfect taste, he has …

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The art of good service

The art of good service Martina and Umberto will soon know the Hotel Albris better than they do at home. Because the two Chef de Service have been working since …

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The seductive scent of fresh bread

Our house never sleeps. At night the bakery is very busy so that hotel guests can bite into fresh bread the next morning. Most of the bread, however, ends up on “strange” plates.

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Two new garden rooms

The spacious rooms lead directly into the hotel garden and have their own whirlpool – ideal for families . The Hotel Albris has expanded and can now expand its …

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There are no coincidences

The Hotel Albris supports a non-profit project in Nepal. Our regular guest Hannes Bissig was instrumental in building the new school. On April 25., … was shaken

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Hotel Albris, how the ibex got his cake

How the Ibex got his cake

It was practically exterminated until the first successful resettlement in Pontresina. Reason enough for the pastry shop Kochendörfer to offer the ibex a delicious cake

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