Pontresina is situated in the highest-altitude side-valley of the Upper Engadine, on a sunny terraced slope facing the south-west, which is protected from the winds. The stretching Engadine village is surrounded by dense stone pine and larch forests, and ascends from an altitude of 1,777m to 1,860m.

Characteristic features

While Pontresina is a trend-orientated and liberal-minded village, it continues to maintain its traditions and cultural roots, with beautiful old Engadine houses, fantastic pubs, and restaurants, and an interesting cultural programme.


Pontresina is a traditional Engadine village, divided into four distinct residential areas: Laret, San Spiert, Giarsun and Carlihof. The newer Muragls area is situated towards Samedan. The 12th Century mountain church of Santa Maria with its precious frescoes dating from the 13th and 15th centuries, the pentagonal Spaniola Tower from the 13th century, the Alpin Museum, and the bridges Punt Veglia Roseg and Punt Veglia Bernina, as well as many typical Engadine houses built in the 17th and 18th centuries, have been well preserved and partially restored.


Pontresina has about 1,830 residents (with about 6,700 additional persons during the tourist seasons).


Names of houses, streets and squares are predominantly in Romansh. Pupils in Pontresina speak Romansh at school. The languages spoken are German, Romansh and Italian.

Local customs

The two Engadine customs that continue to be practiced in Pontresina are called Schlitteda and Chalandamarz. The former is a cheerful trip young couples take with horse-drawn sleighs on the second Sunday in January. The latter dates back to Roman times and is practiced on 1st March, with Pontresina schoolchildren chasing the winter singing loudly and making much noise with bells and tambourines.

Pontresina Chalandamarz 2016

Market positioning

The glacier village at the foot of the Piz Bernina and Piz Palü mountains with the highest conference centre in Europe, provides a unique and multi-faceted nature and mountain experience, both in summer and in winter. It is no coincidence that the largest Swiss mountain guiding school is based here.

Thanks to the quality of its offering and its focus on the individual guest, Pontresina provides the stylish comfort of a traditional mountain resort within the well-known destination of Engadine/St. Moritz.

Nature, activity, authenticity, tranquillity and winding down are central to the product and its communication.

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