Taste lies in tranquility

Why sourdough tastes so good

For the new Kochendörferbrot we use natural sourdough as a leavening agent. That means we produce the sourdough cultures ourselves. In order to find the perfect mixture for the dry climatic conditions in the Engadine, we had to try and experiment for a long time.

Dark crispy

The result is a particularly tasty bread. The crust is baked until it is dark, crispy and tastes slightly like caramel. The crumb (inside of the bread) is airy, tender and juicy, aromatic.

Fresh for longer

Sourdough consists solely of flour, water – and a lot of resting time. The slow fermentation processes develop vinegar- and lactic acid bacteria. These cause the dough to rise and produce the typical and unadulterated bread taste when baking. Sourdough has other advantages compared to yeast: The bread is lighter digestible and stays fresh and long-lasting .

30 hours of dough rest

Breads with natural sourdough need a lot of rest. The new Kochendörferbrot with sourdough bread has 30 hours of rest before we put the round loaves in the oven. It's worth trying!

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The real taste of bread

The Kochendörfer bread with sourdough has a crispy crust and a delicately aromatic interior.

Over 120 years ago

From the bakery to the hotel and restaurant

The history of the Kochendörfer in Pontresina began around 120 years ago with a bakery. Fritz Kochendörfer started out as a hotel baker, later went into business and sold bread to the inns in Pontresina. Four generations later, the culinary world of the Kochendörfer includes a three- star-Hotel, one with the “Golden” Fish »excellent restaurant as well as the bakery with a pastry shop- and bakery shop.

Selling bread to the hotels, guests and residents of Pontresina has remained at the heart of the company over the years. The Kochendörfers run their pastry shop with just as passion. Oscar Kochendörfer senior invented the famous Engadin cake in the 1930s and Claudio Kochendörfer recently created the Ibex cake.

Hotel Albris history

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