Terms and conditions

The booking of a room constitutes a legal agreement. The following cancellation conditions are applied:
For a cancellation, up to 15 days before arrival (28 days for reservations over Christmas/New year) , no costs are incurred
For a cancellation, up to 8 days before arrival, 30% of the booking fee will be payable.
In the case of a later cancellation, the entire booked arrangement will be invoiced. In the case of a late arrival or early departure, no remuneration is granted. We recommend that you take out curtailment and cancellation insurance. If you wish, the Hotel Albris can arrange this for you with ELVIA Insurances. (4% of the hotel fee.)

Cancellation conditions for COVID-19:

The guest is ill and cannot make the journey.
In the event of a guest’s illness (whether coronavirus or other illness), the contractually agreed cancellation conditions are applied. The guest therefore remains liable for payment in accordance with the cancellation conditions. At most, the guest has taken out travel insurance, which covers the costs.

The guest cannot arrive because he or she cannot leave his country or because he cannot enter Switzerland.
Since the journey has become objectively impossible for the guest, there is basically no entitlement to any cancellation fees, provided that this condition occurred only after the booking. In case of travel restrictions at the time of booking, the usual cancellation conditions apply.

A guest does not want to arrive or wants to leave early because they are afraid of infection.
The normal cancellation conditions apply.

A guest cannot travel because he or she is personally quarantined:
In such a case, the Hotel Albris will be obliging and will not charge any cancellation fees.

Bank and post account
On request you can transfer the amount to our account at the bank GKB Pontresina, Hotel Albris AG, Via Maistra 228, 7504 Pontresina
Account no.: 10 109.546.500, Clearing no.: 774, IBAN: CH8000774010109546500, BIC: GRKBCH2270A.