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The seductive scent of fresh bread


Our house never sleeps. At night the bakery is very busy so that hotel guests can bite into fresh bread the next morning. Most of the bread, however, ends up on “strange” plates.

It's midnight. The last lights go out in the rooms of the Hotel Albris.

The guests lie in their Swiss stone pine beds and are already looking forward to the delicious breakfast buffet and the large selection of fresh rolls and croissants i. At the same time the lights go on on the ground floor. Francesco and Paulo put on their baker's clothes and wash their hands. Paulo, the head baker, throws take a look at the baking sheet: 19 wholegrain breads, 15 fitness breads, 7 Albris breads and many more breads. In addition 212 croissants, 78 water bread rolls, 49 Weggli… tonight they bake a total of 335 loaves of bread in 39 types. There are also 896 pieces of small baked goods. No big deal for the experienced baker. In the high season they bake four times as much and there are five in the bakery.

In a good seven hours, the fresh breads will spread their seductive scent at the breakfast buffet and in the in-house bakery shop. But not only there. Because the Kochendörfer bakery delivers around 90 percent of its baked goods to others: to hotels in Pontresina and Samedan, to shops such as the dairy and «Paun e Chaschöl », to partner companies such as Hauser and Gianottis. There are a total of around 35 customers. Selling bread to hotels is not a new business field, but the origin of the family business. Fritz Kochendörfer, the great-grandfather of Stephanie and Claudio, started out as a hotel baker, started his own business and supplied Soon numerous hotels. Later a guesthouse and a Tea-Room were added.

Today, the fine world of culinary delights in Kochendörfer's includes a fine restaurant, a three-star hotel and a bakery. "Nevertheless, bread delivery to other hotels and partners is and will remain central," says Managing Director Claudio Kochendörfer.

The two bakers have already formed the first loaves of bread. Francesco takes the next pile of dough, the size of a medicine ball, from the stirring kettle and puts the lid on the portioning machine., two lever handles and 16 even squares of dough emerge. He tosses it unerringly over to Paulo, who forms loaves of bread out of it in a flash: round, long, thick, crescent-shaped, those with holes and even in the shape of an ibex horn.

The basis for the 39 different types of bread are four basic doughs: one each for wholegrain bread, semi-white bread, light special bread and dark special bread. The bakers already mixed these doughs in the evening between 18.30 and 19.30 in a chrome steel kettle the size of a church bell. : 17,974 grams of water, 26,961 grams of white flour, 629 grams of table salt, 216 grams of fresh baker's yeast and 180 grams of wheat gluten. “A computer program calculates this recipe, which is accurate to the gram, based on the bread orders received. Our partners can submit them directly online or by fax,” explains Claudio Kochendörfer.

After the mixer has kneaded the dough vigorously, it rests for at least four hours. «We only use a little yeast and no chemical additives. It is important to us that the dough can rise naturally. This is the main difference to large industrial bakeries», says the bakery departmentf. «Dem Allowing dough this waiting period is worth it. The bread tastes natural and fresh for a long time, chemical leavening agents and a lot of yeast, on the other hand, leave a slightly sour taste. »

The first series of loaves lies on boards that are covered with rollable cloths. But before the loaves go into the oven, they still have to be "trimmed ". Paulo pulls out a knife and pulls Zorro- different cutting sequences into the loaves." This is how they rise elegantly ", he explains and has already opened a flap of the four-layer oven. Two people push the three-meter-long board in. Now it has to be quick, Paulo pulls powerfully on one end of the cloth and there are already 25 loaves in the oven and the board back in the rack.

The two bakers treat themselves to a short break. A sip of coffee. A short chat. And on it goes. While Francesco pretzels are turning, Paulo takes care of the rolls and croissants. These are stacked on a roller cart in the so-called fermentation stop system: a device that both cools and can also warm up. Paulo already rolled the croissants yesterday and then flash-frozen them. “This way there is no freezer burn,” he explains. Now he is slowly bringing them back up to temperature; as soon as 40 degrees are reached, he pushes the trolley into the 240 degree hot rotary kiln. "Without the fermentation stop system we would not be able to produce as many rolls and croissants freshly baked every morning."

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